Extreme Flooding this Year Leaves Countless Homeless--Choose NOT to be one of them

You just can’t ignore the extreme rainfall amounts, the scenes of rushing water and the homes and businesses destroyed by flooding without thinking: “Am I at risk? Are my savings enough or should I buy flood insurance?” Our risk of flooding is changing as both the intensity and frequency of storms reach dangerous levels. For the safety of your family and your financial security, re-consider buying flood insurance. more

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Wright Flood offices are open and ready to assist with your recovery. To expedite the claim process,  we encourage Insureds to file their Flood claim  online with their policy number and property zip code at File a Claim.  Agents may file claims and manage policies online by logging into the agent portal as well.  Callers may leave a message, if necessary, and we will be in touch.   Stay safe and let us know how we can help. 

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Press Release: Wright Flood Policyholders with Damage Urged to Open a Flood Claim

Brief: Wright Flood policyholders with flood damage are urged to keep their family safe then open a flood claim immediately online at , or through their flood agent, or over the telephone at 800-725-9472. Please provide your current telephone contact information so adjusters can help you begin to recover. Once the claim has been opened, the adjuster will contact you to view your property damage as soon as the area is deemed more

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Private flood product FloodPlus won 2016 Best Product Innovation Award presented by Lloyd's Market Innovation Awards for Hiscox, Household Division. 

Wright is pleased to partner with Hiscox to offer the award winning FloodPlus private flood product as PFA+Plus™ We invite you to read why Hiscox FloodPlus won this prestigious award and to contact your regional sales manager to find out how you can offer PFA+Plus™ to your clients. Click to read more: Hiscox FloodPlus Wins 2016 Best Product Innovation Award

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Sell everyone a flood policy -- you KNOW they need it.

Extreme flood events in Texas are almost proof that history repeats itself; while facing flood loss alone needn’t ever happen again.

Flood agents can help clients recover their homes and property using facts, events and consumer education to sell flood insurance to all property owners. Flood events happen everywhere and the historic floods recently prove that flood insurance is financial protection for all of us more

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Do I need flood insurance? Is that a trick question? 

How much of your home and belongings could you afford to lose when heavy rains hit home? Can you live without, or afford to replace---your home, your belongings, and your savings--unexpectedly when the downpour hits? more

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