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Wright Flood insurance helps you to recover from damage resulting from rising water.
  • Protects building and property/contents from flood loss
  • Provides financial security to your family or business
  • Meets all lender mandatory flood insurance purchase requirements
  • Pays out regardless of any federal disaster declaration
  • Assures your eligibility for flood disaster aid
  • Assists you to mitigate flood loss in the future

We serve more flood policyholders than any other Write Your Own (WYO) insurance in the nation. Wright Flood administers flood insurance and settles flood claims only in full compliance with NFIP underwriting requirements.

Wright Flood sells federal flood insurance through more than 17,000 independent agencies across the US. As a WYO company, we understand and follow the specific underwriting and program rules of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Wright Flood insurance policies are backed wholly by the US Government, and subject to congressional legislation, administered by the NFIP through FEMA, a division of US Homeland Security.

Wright Flood insurance:
Is available to property owners in all 50 states located in over 21,000+ participating communities across the US

  • For homes, businesses, condo units, renters including single family, multifamily, condominiums--residential or commercial
  • All flood zones whether your property is deemed at high flood risk or considered low to moderate flood risk
  • All building types including those with basements or enclosures, on a slab or a crawlspace

Covers direct loss from rising water up to the limits allowed by the NFIP


  • Residential building coverage maximum limit is $250,000
  • Commercial building coverage maximum limit is $500,000


  • Residential property/contents maximum limit is $100,000
  • Commercial property/contents maximum limit is $500,000


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What flood insurance covers

NFIP Summary of Coverage

NFIP Summary of Coverage Commercial Property

NFIP Summary of Coverage Residential Condominium Association

NFIP Policy Forms

Preparing for a Flood

Flood Map Change

Preparing for a Hurricane

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Excess Flood Insurance Coverage

Wright Excess flood insurance extends flood coverage amounts beyond the maximum limits of federal flood insurance.

  • Covers property values higher than the NFIP limits
  • Builds additional coverage onto your existing Wright Flood policy
  • Allows you to insure up to the full replacement cost of your building, subject to underwriting guidelines
  • Adds additional coverage for property/contents as well
  • Similar coverage and exclusions as the NFIP policy
  • Underwritten by Wright Flood Insurance Company*

*As the financial underwriter, Wright Flood Insurance Company reserves the right to modify the excess flood insurance policy.

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