To our agent partners and policyholders:  our hearts go out to anyone who's been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. We extend our heartfelt wishes for a full recovery to anyone currently sick across the world.

Regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) at Wright, we continue to monitor the situation and have taken steps to help keep our employees healthy and ready to serve you. We've enabled our employees to work remotely to minimize any impacts to servicing our customers. Currently there is no impact to normal customer service operations.  Stay healthy.

News August 30, 2019

Wright Flood stands ready to assist policyholders, agents, and the public with flood recovery assistance and a reminder of the various ways for Wright Flood policyholders to open a new claim.  Here’s How

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Introducing:  Zurich Residential Private Flood Insurance program, the first-of-its-kind, stand-alone product launched exclusively in Florida on September 3, 2019 with plans to expand the coverage to additional states in the future. Learn More

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Wright Flood Insurance is pleased to announce the launch of CLOE the claims bot – an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that helps customers efficiently, quickly and securely open a claim online via your mobile device or desktop. Read More-View Demo

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Pinellas County News "No Place Like Home" August 28, 2019

Think you’re safe from flooding? Think again. Risk is everywhere. Home and business owners need to understand how flood planning works and what it looks like in their communities. From understanding the risk levels to knowing what flood zone you are in, Wright Flood Principal Flood Coordinator Patty Latshaw discusses the importance of being flood smart on a recent episode of "No Place Like Home"

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Today’s flood insurance marketplace is rapidly evolving, and Wright National Flood Insurance Services, LLC is developing private flood insurance options to make the flood insurance more accessible to consumers across the U.S. Dwayne LeBlanc, explains how new private flood options are helping agents ensure they're meeting their customers' needs. Read More

Read More (Rough Notes June 2019 Florida Special Report) August 1, 2019

The flood insurance market place is changing as a result of a variety of factors, and Jim Watje describes how Wright is leading the way with expanded private flood insurance options and new, more flexible coverage plans. Learn More

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