Wright National Flood Insurance Services LLC and Zurich Insurance have launched an admitted, residential flood proprietary product – Zurich Residential Private Flood Insurance – in California. Learn More

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Wright National Flood Insurance Services has announced its expansion in Texas for Wright Residential Private Flood, an exclusive, admitted, stand-alone flood product filed and approved by the Texas Department of Insurance and supported by an insurance provider with an A- (Excellent) rating from AM Best. Learn more.


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Wright National Flood Insurance Services (WNFIS) today announced the introduction of two private flood insurance products to Virginia residential property owners to help address the state’s flood protection needs: Wright Residential Private Flood Insurance Program and Hiscox FloodPlus. The company now offers Hiscox FloodPlus in a dozen states and Wright Residential Private Flood Insurance in four states, with plans to continue expansion throughout the U.S. Read more

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Today’s flood insurance marketplace is rapidly evolving, and Wright National Flood Insurance Services, LLC is developing private flood insurance options to make the flood insurance more accessible to consumers across the U.S. Dwayne LeBlanc, explains how new private flood options are helping agents ensure they're meeting their customers' needs. Read More

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