Wright Flood policyholders:

Please open a flood claim online HERE. Using your policy number and zip code.

Without policy number, report your claim by Text:   Text the word claim to 727-777-7066  or by telephone to Claims Dept. 24-hour access 1-800-725-9472.

Check Status of your Claim use your smartphone to Text the word status  to 727-777-7066 with your claim number, or contact your adjuster by text or phone or reach your adjusting company as provided in the text response.


Opening Statements to the NFIP Panel Discussion National Conference May, 2015

Wright Flood has had a long standing close working relationship with FEMA/NFIP and takes an active role on behalf of all WYO Carriers and consumers. Patty Templeton Jones, Executive VP and Chief Program Advocate for Wright Flood shares insights into the past, the present and the future of the NFIP flood reforms….read more