Claims at Wright Flood can be opened 24 hours a day

• Access the customer login link below as a policyholder or a guest. This video might help: How to Open a Wright Flood Claim in 5 Easy Steps

• By text you can open a claim by texting the word claim to (727) 777-7066. Once the claim is filed you can text the word status to this same number for an update on claim payments on the way

• Without a policy number: call the claims department at 1 (800) 725-9472 and provide the insured name and address and date of your flood loss. 



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Wright Flood Success Story

Wright Flood had previously standardized on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for its robust, enterprise-quality platform and 24x7 service. But making updates required tedious manual work - after hours. Compliance audits - especially locating security patches to document them - were also time-consuming. SUSE Manager solved the problem, automating system management and enabling all Linux systems to be monitored and controlled from a single, central console.

"With SUSE Manager updating is a click-and-schedule process. It takes minutes instead of hours and hours after hours. I have a lot more time to work on issues on the engineering side." - Hans Sczyrba (Systems Engineer - Wright Flood)

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